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Roaring Accordion

by Strangely

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There are days when the words aren't right, and your vision comes out all wrong. And all you're left with at the end of the day... is a broken song. But if you leave it to it's own devices, It might take on a life of it's own. Evolving and improving, reproducing, from the melody you'd sown. I'm gonna try til I die, because if I don't, I might as well be through, I'm gonna try til I die, I've got too many things left to do.
We risk our fragile hopes on a million shining stars, hoping at least one of them will lead us where need to go. Every night I feel you, sleepin’ just beyond the skein, though we’re at op’sit ends of this tattered tin can phone. We’ll never be simple, you and I, I’m reminded of the thousand tiny ways, You’ve changed me when I look into your eyes. I can see this ole’ world, is just as grand as it seems, and I’m the lucky, golden-ticket kid, who gets to live out all of my dreams. I’ll only miss you, if you let me, so come sing your songs and visit me in my dreams. You make me want to, tear this whole world apart, to build ourselves a new one or maybe just peek behind the scenes.
You know, they say, “There’s a mountain,” Ha ha! “so high that you can’t see the top, and there’s a dance hall, lost and gone, where the music never stops.” Grab your bag and go with me, it’s a swell time, for an adventure! You know, there are things you long to see, beyond that far horizon! Far away across the sea, where Pirates hid their gold. There’s and island on a turtle’s back, and a castle all covered in mold. You know, somewhere, there’s a forest, where the trees are swarming with fish. Everyone who lives there, in that place, must beware the terrestrial squids.
What do we say to death today? NOT YET! NOT YET! What do we say to death today? NOT YET! NOT YET! What you gonna do when the reaper comes, well as for me, I’ll bite my thumb. And I’m gonna tell ‘im… NOT YET! NOT YET! I’ll put a feather in my cap, and charge right up that hill. I don’t care that I might die, after all, we all will. I’m gonna do what I have to do, to make sure I come home to you, After all the monsters, I have killed. Upon the sea, beyond the storm, I ride. Davy Jones, down in your locker, I’m not gonna lie. None of this, brings fear to me, I spit in the face of the wind and sea! For this, iddint the day, that I die! Because I’ve seen my death, a thousand times, in my dreams. Not such a bad way to go, it seems. Since how you go, is up to chance, you might as well, just join the dance. And run into the maelstrom with a scream!
Sometimes, you don’t wanna be funny, and you don’t wanna play. No one wants to hear this, who care what you’ve got to say? They’ve heard it all before, you’re already a tired cliche For a moment, the world was at your door, but only two people showed up today. So fake it ’til you make it, at least that’s what they say. Don’t listen to your demons, they’re liars anyway They tell you that they love yah, but they don’t think you’ll make it. What they don’t see is that you’ve gone all in, and you’re never gonna quit.
I’m a man, who likes things simple, ust give me my beer and a bump. You let me be with my gin or my tea, I’ve had quite enough of that junk. Oh, it’s drinkin’ night, that’s why I’m singin’ this song, Leave my booze alone, and I’ll let yah go home. If you don’t I’m going to fight yah. IF YOU DON’T I’M GOING TO FIGHT YAH! Last time, I went down to Australia, I learned a valuable thing, sometimes when you’re handed a shotglass, half of the drink is cocaine. It’ll take about an hour to hit yah, when is right when you’re up on the stage, you’ll finish your set at triple the speed, like a rat in an electrified cage I don’t often smoke of the herb, because these days, some add PCP, it’s so hard to tell, with these sciencey young kids, just what they’ve done to my weed. When I accidentally smoked PCP I shouted, the ground is lava, weeeee! It took hours to find me, and when they did, I was forty feet up in a tree.
I’m a writer, whose words will lack meaning when I am dead. I’m a pair of lovers, who can’t find a bed. I’m parent who’s only child, is down in the ground. I’m a little lost boy, who will never be found. I don’t know, what the hell I’m doing here. I don’t know, if I can make it, though this year. I’m a man, who’s socks are made out of holes, wearing shoes, with worn out soles. I’m an empty bottle of buckfast, out on the bay, hoping the tide will sweep me away. I’m a singer who can’t remember his own lyrics, so good. I’m a sword in the hands of a master, but I’m made of wood. I’m an old sailing ship, that’s stuck on the shore. I’m a big fancy hat, worn only for war. I’m an empty bottle of buckfast, out on the bay, …What a party. What a party. hoping the tide will sweep me away. …To a better place. To a better place.
I'm A Legend 03:07
Out here I stand, at the edge of my hope, nothin’ left to cling to but this piece of burning rope. That’s when I’ll say to the monsters at my door, Come on inside boys, I think there’s room for a few more. I’m a legend I am free, across this land I’ll roar I’ll tear the roof right off this place, so you can see the stars. I don’t care if they like it, or say that it’s not art. I won’t rest until you hold my bloody, my bloody bleeding heart. I’ll ride my bike a thousand miles, to play one song for you There isn’t much I wouldn’t be willing to put myself through. ‘Cause when my lungs are aching, and my legs they have gone out, that’s when I know I’m doin’ the stuff, that they’ll talk about. Just fill your writing with your hate, walk out into the rain, I’m only sorry I couldn’t save you, that you wanted me to explain. Yes my voice is loud, no I won’t tone down, I think a two or three people haven’t heard me on the other side of town. I’LL SHAKE THE BUS! I’LL BREAK THE WALLS! I’LL FIGHT ON! UNTIL I CRAWL!
Well I prefer, a rockin’ chair. Instead of liftin’ weights I’ll go wrestle a bear. Old timey clothes are what I like to wear. Let’s replace all the escalators with stairs. Baby I love you, c’mon let’s take things slow. If you wanna be with me, you gotta treat me like I’m 80 years old. Twitter’s a thing, I don’t understand. beyond my command. I hate Facebook, for makin’ plans. The blogosphere is beyond my command. I won’t post my food on Instagram. I won’t use a website to propose to you, Skype doesn’t make me feel close to you. Online dating is a pile of poo. A webcam’s not where I’ll take off my clothes for you.
Sometimes you get an idea, you’re gonna do a great big somethin’ you turn and ask, the world for help, and what you get is a lot of nothin’. It can be scary, when you’re out here, forgin’ your own trail, never quit, never give up or give in, and that’s how you know they’ll tell your tale I’m gonna try try try, till I die die die, Because if I don’t I might as well be through. I’m gonna try try try, till I die die die, I’ve got too many things left to do. People tell yah to dream big, and show up, but when yah bring ‘em, nobody’s out there waitin’ to give you, the keys to the kingdom. You gotta fight for every step, and build it with your own hands, no one who sat around on their bum, ever made it to the promised land. A dream ain’t such a bad thing to have, I’ve got a box full in my drawer, I get them out on rainy days, contemplatin’ my mistakes, the closing of each door. That didn’t crack a window, or a smile or send me flying to the land of all my gods, but it’s better to be at the base of mount olympus and still climbing, than give in to mortal luck. I’ve got places to go and promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.
Potluck 04:08
Someone brought this, ooh lookit that! What a marvelous feast. Some of it’s vegan, and some of it’s not, such a lovely repast. Someone once said, potlucks are the worst, my father says trust providence. Who gives a fig if you’re last or you’re first, what matters is sharing with friends. Every person’s a potluck, where family and friends pitch in to create a soul Not everything fits or works perfectly, but who says perfection’s the goal. I have been blessed, with many good friends, folks who did the best that they could. Together we’ve sipped on life’s bitter wine, and found most of it’s whiskey that’s good. I have a mother and father, an annoying sister so dear, somewhere far away there’s a woman I’ve not met, who bravely sent me here. At the end, it doesn’t matter who brought what, why or when, not at all. In the end what matters the most, is that you’ve lived, and loved, and shared. Shared it all.


released December 8, 2016




Strangely Bellingham, Washington

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