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A Song In My Pocket

by Strangely

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You thought that this could be a home A place of warmth when the cold winds blow But at your touch the rot begins to grow Now you’ve gone and cracked the stone Yada da da da dai Finally a place to fill with song but the roof that you trusted was built wrong Though the urge to stay remains ever strong You’re told you’d best be movin’ on Yada da da da dai Walking down an endless dusty hall Where nothing you plant will grown tall You're on not so much a journey as a fall Nostalgic for no place at all Yada da da da dai When this will end for me? I want my roots to grow deep.
Ladies and Gentlemen, is what some would say in reference But I prefer folks or friends, it just shows much more deference If I took the time to address you all, by your gender preference It would take a long time my friends, and I don't mean no offense I'm sorry that I've kept you all in such a state of suspense With all these these ramblings, on behalf of my own defense Something something something something, Vice President Michael Pence What say we quit the stalling, and get to the performerance Chorus: Have I got a show for you I have no idea what i'll do Welcome my friends to this artsy tableau Have I got a show for you "What the hell is this?" I know you wanna blurt. "I thought this was a cabaret, so who's this bearded twerp? I hope we don't need earplugs, this guy's a piece of work! Oh lord I think this is the part, where he starts to flirt." Chorus (But Sexy) If you wanna do a good show, you gotta think... fast You gotta have smarts and you gotta have class You give 'em the good stuff a taste of the past And if you wanna push the envelope you give 'em some... sass! Chorus Over here, anything could could happen! Over here, anything at all! Over here, anything could could happen! So whaddaya say, we have ourselves a ball? Chorus (Stupidly Triumphant. High-Kicks a Bonus!)
How Long 02:06
While the years ticked by I've been out, the Aeons they kept a creepin' If only I could understand, what happened while I was sleepin' Chorus How Long? How Long? How Long have I been sleeping How Long? How Long? How Long Since I went Away? Leaving you wasn't my fault, my brother is tricksy and false He defeated me with my true name, then locked me up in a vault. I've been trying to come back for ages, listning for the voice that sings but now that I've managed to come back, you've all forgotten my name Chorus I will make my enemies pay, now that I have returned Any who stand in my path, better run or they will be burned So bow before me at last, but what's this, my power is weak? I used to move mountains but now I'm, Nothing more than a wrack on the street Chorus
When I’m walking down the street folks slow their cars Random straight dudes all demand to fondle me in bars Sometimes it seems everyone’s freaked out Scares off the boys, attracts the girls, what’s that all about Chorus It makes me feel more than a little blue That all I am, to some is a man, who’s shockingly hirsuit I am more than follicles in space I am More than the beard that grows upon my face Looking at some say Mountain Man, Or ask "Where’s your bike, how’s ZZ Top? Say hi to them if you can." You belong in an old Viking Longboat Hey are you a sailor, or a pirate, to the 1800’s you should go Chorus I admit it’s a hardship for me to eat soup, It can be embarassing to be in public eating certain types of fruit I was told to shampoo my beard in the shower, Then someone demanded, for internet points, that I stuff it full of flowers. No! Chorus So bring on the scissors, razors, knives I think it’s time we give you folks, one hell of a surprise Since I’m wondering how much of this is me How bout we shave the damn thing off, and see what we see Chorus x 2
Chorus I don't give a [hoot] what it is! BRING IT TO ME, I'll DRINK IT! I don't give a [hoot] what it is! BRING IT TO ME, I'll DRINK IT! I love to drink beer, I love to drink wine Cold Chocolate milk suites me anytime Vodka is nice, and so is champagne For a shot of fine scotch I'd gladly campaign Chorus Let's go Farther afield you boers! Out into the world of fine Liquers There's Amaretto, Airak and Fancy Gin And let's not forget about Brinnavin Chorus Lest you think I've run out of drinks A blender's my friend me thinks Have you had a burger, blended it's swell If you blended a pizza that'd do as well Chorus
Here's a note to let you know, we’re not bookin’ your show We’ve seen enough of all the stuff you do Our festival’s got other bands, other acts from other lands We’ve gotten all we wanted out of you. (Repeat) Chorus When It’s time to end this ride, pack my things and say goodbye, I don’t think that it’ll be too hard, There’s other spots for me to see, other things that I could be, The fishing poles already in the car Hey there didja see this post, flying out from coast to coast Seem’s somebody thinks that you are trash Maybe you should never play, take your songs and go away Please just shave that hashtag bad mustache. (Repeat) Chorus I’ve been out there looking, for an unwritten life, Making my own rules up as I go, If I’ve learned one thing all this time, cavorting with this show of mine It all keeps going even if I don’t, it all keeps going even if I don't. Chorus
Standing on the edge of my next great adventure. I don’t know what lies in store. St. Cristopher, please take my hand, I’m bound for a distant shore. I only hope my legs are strong and ready, I’ve got some ridin' to do My bags are packed, full of empty notebooks. I’ll write the stories for you Off in the distance I see misty mountains. I hear them callin' my name At some point the book in my hand’s not enough. I wanna sail 'cross that sea.
Chorus What's in your pocket, I really wanna know. What's in your pocket, it's time for that part of my show. What's in your pocket, won't you share that stuff with me? Maybe I'll put it in my song, the very next time I sing. And Uno Deck, a List of films, herbs, feathers and a key, Four leaf clovers, old thumb tacks and extra bags of tea, Three of clubs, a pressure gauge, twine a human tooth. A bag of peanuts, broken glass, a bottle of vermouth. Chorus CPR mask, ginger cookies, last night's underwear Stamps and screws, horns for shoes, a ring from a dragon's lair, Strunk and White's proper style guide, in case of an argument that never came, Stolen passport, someone's ashes, photos of old flames. Chorus
Banjo by Aaron J. Shay Washboard by Sarah Shay
Stoke the fire, stretch the limbs, Let’s get this castle on the move, Even with my cupful to the brim Why do I still have something to prove? Chorus Ride Ride Ride through the Night Fight Fight Fight Fight to See the Light I don’t know if we can make this right But I’ll die before I let it end, Wrong Through the falling ashes that were yesteryear A single breath could send it crashing down A barren waste too blasted, and dry for tears All the seeds lie sleeping in the ground Chorus I’ve already come 10,000 miles I’ve still got 10,000 to go Somewhere out there beyond this trip Is the place I’ll no longer roam Chorus
Taken Away 03:35
If you take everything away from me, What's left, am I a worthy man? If I lose all the bits and pieces that I've found, could I, still hope to stand? If I shaved off this beard, and never played music again, Would anybody notice or care? Have I done what I could, to bridge this gap, Or have I broken the heart, that I sought to share? Chorus Have I moved an inch from the Start? Is there any more light in the Dark? Am I more than just the sum of my parts? Have I given enough of my heart? Well, I'll place my value in my friends, You know you can trust your heart in those worthy hands, Someone to walk beside you as the mad path wends, Or sit and watch as the damn thing ends. Chorus If art is distillation of pain, I hope my Joy Compactor's fanned your spark into a flame. I pray that when I'm gone, you'll not forget my name. And so I ask you to sing with one last refrain. Yada da da da dai When this will end for me? I want my roots to grow deep.
Looking’ at me you might not bet Bear with me, it’s hard to admit, but to be honest, sometimes I get tired, of sayin’ ‘not yet’ So if I’m being pulled to quit Take that easy way out, exit Why, oh why, am I hanging’ on, fightin’ to get through it? CHORUS I can’t die I’m booked, Last time I looked, There’s no reason the tree of life needs, getting’ shook So forget that gun, those pills Ignore those crying’ whiporwhils I think I’m needed somewhere, out, beyond the hills I almost killed myself today, thought I’d make it all go away After all, whats the use of fighting’ for one more day? But then I up and thought, that i’ve got some stuff coming up Maybe I should stick around and see If things start looking up, for me CHORUS I’ve heard that I shouldn’t sing happy songs about the thought of doing’ myself wrong But if I don’t sing about these tendencies How will other people know they feel just like me? Sometimes all it takes, is a rhyme Hearing how much your tale’s like mine I hope that we can all hold on Find some reasons to stick around a bit more time CHORUS


released March 22, 2018

Strangely Doesburg - Accordion, Upright Bass, Zydeco Accordion, Vocals, Tambourine, Cymbals, Slide Guitar and Ukelele
Aaron J. Shay - Banjo and Backing Vocals
Sarah Shay - Washboard and Backing Vocals
Bellow. Wing - Backing Vocals
Ry Lucia - Backing Vocals
Dandelion - Backing Vocals
Eric Jones - Upright Bass

Album Artwork was provided by the incomparable Simone Barry of PocketPal Creative

This album was reccordion'd in the homes of many generous friends including:
Liana & Adly
Kristen Crase
Marcy Laviollette
Kathie Chestnut Mollica
Bill & Lynn Edmunds

Special Thanks...
Pam Weldon
Juniper Belmont
Joe Wasson
Claire Healy
JD Henshaw
Kalei Yamenoha
Joshua James Jackson
Gwynn Tavares
The Shaevitz Family

Extra Special Thanks
Mom & Dad

Shout out to festivals and bookers that treat artists poorly. Without y'all I never would have written Fishing Poles, I love that song!

Storm Sound Effects Courtesy of Mike Koenig via Soundbible.Com




Strangely Bellingham, Washington

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